PEI Heritage Roads 

PEI Heritage Roads are covered by bending trees, canopy like, welcoming visitors in to enjoy the beauty.

As you travel down these roads, you can meet up with the past.  These are narrow, red clay roads often used by farmers with machinery that are avoiding the main roadways.

These are narrow roads and they can sometimes be blocked by fallen limbs or made impassable by mud after rain.

Go slowly and be prepared to share the road and to turn around and make your way back, even though you probably won’t want to.

These trails twist and turn, go up and down.  The trees that line them may be sugar maple, birch or red oak among others.

Animals also use these trails.  You may spot a snowshoe hare, a fox, or squirrels.

These roads are a must see.  The provincial government has assigned eleven of these roads as Designated Scenic Heritage Roads.  With the help of the landowners who live nearby, they are protected under the Planning Act in order to preserve them.

PEI Scenic Heritage Road

Below is a list of these eleven PEI Heritage Roads , in alphabetical order. There are 6 other heritage roads that are not designated.

County Line Road

*Located in Darnley

Very steep road that provides some incredible views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

This road goes south for approximately 4 km from Rte. 103 to Rte. 101


Hackney Road

*Located in Woodstock

Also known as John Joe Road.  This road is surrounded by potato fields and wooded areas.

This one goes north from Kelly Road (Rte 142) fro roughly 2km to meet Rte. 136


Jack’s Road

*Located in Wood Islands

Nature at its finest. Loved and enjoyed by both humans and animals.  The sound of water from a stream breaks the silence on this roadway.

Rte 1 in Flat River to Rte 207 for approximately 4km.


Junction Road

*Located in Huntsville

Surrounded by some very old trees. Some mysterious events are said to have happened here.

Begins near Rte 225 Northwest for about 2km


Klondyke Road

*Located in Iona

Animals seem to enjoy this roadway, hidden by woods.  Lots of history here. Once home to a sawmill.

Runs East West fro approximately 5km from Rte 23 to Murray Harbour Road (Rte 24)


Mellish Pond Road

*Located near Perth

Farms surround this road.  Lots of pretty flowers to see, and a few cows as well.  In winter it is used for skiing and snowmobiling.

This runs south from Rte3 for approximately 3km- only a portion of this road is designated.


Millman Road

*Located in Irish Town

One of the first to be designated.  Nice views of the area from a hill near the north end.

Runs north from Rte 101 fro about 2km to meet with Rte 231 in Burlington.


New Harmony Road

*Located in New Harmony

Very green here, sunlight sneaks in through the trees

Greenvale Rd. to Rte 304 distance of approximately 1km.


Perry Road

*Located in central Queen’s near St. Patrick’s

Heavily covered by trees, protecting the wildlife that call this area home.  The provincial flower, the Pink Lady’s Slipper, can be spotted here.

This road runs south from Rte 239 for approximately 2km and meets Rte 228, near Hazelgrove.


Princetown-Warburton Road

*Located in Fredericton

Steep hills with a winding road, offering great views of the landscape.

Sections of these roads form a Y shape covering approximately 8km from Rte 239


Walls Road

*Located in Freetown

This road has no official name but is well known in the area as Walls Road.  There is an area near the Dunk River that is great for picnicing.

This road runs south from Rte 113 to Rte 11 for about 1.5km.

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